Tuesday, 28 February 2012

press representations

police order that if you are seen standing around you are asked to move on and if you are seen again with in 24 hours you can be taken away and be givin a worning. because of a small groups behaviour all teenagers are suffering and trhere are now over 3000 mosquito noise systems to prevent the teens from standing in certain places,

the media is making things worse, as they create a sense of fear for the older generation as soon as one person doesn soemtyhing the media hypes it up and makes the teens of today look bad. they make the teens seem as if they are chav scum and asbo queens. the emdia have a n over the top way of reporting on people that have been bad. but that is the small part of the teens of today. terror and horror get over used and they try top not over expose the teenss teen troubles 2007 26 novembe

12% of crime is commited by youths

the consequenxses of the james bulger case is that the age of being punshised and the way in how we have more cameras and more criminal actvivity to be seen

you have the cultivation theory here as the amount of press coverage means that what the press covers you believe is happening in real life. which in turn is creating moral panic. but even beofr eyou talk before the theory ( bring in stuart hall) we believe what we read which is the hyperdermic theory. basucaly statying that we are passive consumers we are the hyperdermic. we believe everythig that we read. almost being injected with it.

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