Friday, 20 January 2012

Research- theory!!

Your explanation
Youth as empty category
in the 1960's the adults had a fear of the teenagers going out getting drunk and falling pregnant. But over the years the fear has changed, now the adults have a sense of fear that the youths of today go out get drunk, have sex, beat up people, steal things, murder people. i feel that the riots in the summer havent helped here.  te way the media portrays the youths and creates a fear for the adults
Ideology of protection; deviant youth and reproduction of social order
media creates a sense of fear for the adults. They see the teenagers as being good. But the media show the bad side to the teenage youth. ie showing teens with no jobs, housing estates, shop lifting and having asbos to the riots in the summer. they want the youths to go by rules but at this time in there lives they are still learning about social values and rules
adults want to protect youths
1971 (1929-1935)
Cultural hegemony
they feel that the middle class is able to dominate society by making there norms and ways seem normal. but as a result of this other classes accept this as a normal way of life. programs such as misfits show that todays lower class youths are thugs
Moral panic
seeing the youths as "folk devils" tainting the everyone with the same panic through the media. is through asbos because there is so much panic through the media society felt it would be needed to bring calm to everyone?
Symbolic Violence
work with gender representation on teen magazines. the media represents violence as a link to lower social classes. helping people re difine there identity
Cultivation Theory
influencing the media through representation. the more you see youths stealing you then think its more and more real. the more viloence you see on the tv the more you think its real.
ie tv is influencing how we see the world.

harry brown  attack the block and eden lake
Choose one of the three films to research.  Try to find reviews which reflect different perspectives, e.g. from conservative newspapers like the Daily Mail, or the Telegraph, and liberal newspapers like The Guardian, and The Independent.

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