Thursday, 26 January 2012

How does contempory representation compare to previous time periods

What is youth sub culture
A group of individuals who are  united through a common value systems and clothes  a groups who is positioned outside the mainstream
What are the values of subculture
Emo- they tend to be really into there music, hair, clothing style and tend to hate society. They tend to be together with the goths, but hate being called an emo faggot or mistaken for goths. They listen to a mixture of music from black veil brides, bring me the horizon, my chemical romance to bullet for my valentine. they tend to wear clothing such as drop dead, grind store. some tend to take the meaning of being emo to the extreme with self harming. there clothing style is hoddies, skinny jeans, converses or vans, baggy or tops with designs on. they also have really straight hair which tends to fall into the scene category here, as they tend to put highlights or other various colours in there hair. Tere art work is very depressing usually consisting of break ups, death, broken hearts, being alone.
Mods and rockers
New romantics
link to how the subculture view: conformity and rebellion attitude to capitalism and consumerism

tribal rivalry

traditional  or neophile- a person who loves novelty, one who likes trends; person  who accept the future enthusiastically  and changes and evolution

ideology in the 1950's and the 1960's  peace rebellion  against parents radicalism- reactions against the post war period

many groups where involved in protest resistance against the mainstream....

teens will often move between subcultures and older youths mix and match there styles and values from a mix of subcultures

or that adults can appear to conform for most of the working we eek but re-enter  the subculture at specific  time ( weekend , festivals etc)


in the 21st century the dominant  meaning systems  ( that define the mainstream)  are crumbling

"there is no mainstream. there are many streams"
main stream is in  perpetual flux,

so if there is no main stream there is nothing for the teens to react against instead they are driven  by other  motives and these must be understood  on their  own terms

1950's teddy boys

1960's mods

1960's skin heads

early 1970's punks

the cultural revolution
happened just after the war

rationing was coming to the end
the American way of life  was a huge influence after the post war period
cheap colour magazines
beginning to buy things like cookers, TVs etc
labour was defeated by the Conservative government

Americas influence
cultural imperialism is the practise of promoting , distinguishing, separating or artidically injecting the culture of one of society into another ( America influencing on Britain's post war)

massiv increases in  the production  and the avalibilty of consumer goods
 car ownership rose by 250% between 1951 and 1961
1955 and 1960 the average weekly earning rose by 34%

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