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DO THIS ESSAY analyse media representation in one of your media products


You will need to do the same for this question; using the same table. You have the PP on Learnzone that sets out what to analyse for representations but you should also consider the following:

-         Genre representations
-         Representations of character – hero/villain/princess (Prop) – here you can link in narrative conflict; Claude Levi-Strauss and his binary oppositions
-         Representations of social group (social class, ethnicity, age, nationality etc)
-         Who is the audience being asked to identify with and how?
-         Note patterns of similarities and differences of these characters – are they stereotypical for the genre? Do they meet audience expectations
-         How is a characters attitude and values represented?
You should fill your ‘Micro Element’ area of your table with the following:
-         Mise en scene – including costume, props, location and colour
-         Lighting
-         Verbal Code - Language and sound (including music)
-         Technical code
-         Editing – consider the pace of editing
-         Symbolic code – mise en scene and how these elements sybloise their character; their attitude and values

Here are some examples of gender stereotypes (tending to be archetypal)

Micro Elements
camera angles
close-ups: private space
top-down shot: small stature
long & wide shots: public space
regular focus
bottom-up shot: large stature
secondary, soft pastels
primary, dark, metallic
soft, subdued, intimate
bright, glaring, public
soft sounds, slow music
hard sounds, fast music

Everything in the media is a representation -  everything we see is being represented e.g. regions/locations, individuals, groups, places, nations, ideas
Questions we would ask when analysing representations:
§WHO or WHAT is being represented?
§HOW is the representation created?
§WHO has created the representation?
§WHY is the representation created in that way? What is the
§WHAT is the effect of the representation?
Consider the representations in your c/w and answer the above questions in detail.

 consider how the following can be applied to your c/w:
§Laura Mulvey (the gaze)
§Marjorie Ferguson (facial expressions)
§Trevor Millum (facial expressions)

analyse media representation in one of your media products

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