Tuesday, 6 March 2012

representation of young people

"what is happening to our young people they disrespect there elders; they disobey their parents they ignore law they riot in the streets, inflamed with wild notions. their morals are decaying. what is to become of them?"
- Plato 4th century!

stereo types
  •  they orginante in and reflect the power relations in society because they are part of cultures ideology
  • they foster values that reinforce group and individual subordination
  • they marginalise people treating them as the other
  • they categorise people into groups whose member supposedly share invetable charcteritics most typically negative ones

characteristicrts of stereo types
  •  stereotypes are categorical and genral sugesting the trasits applyu to all group members
  • they are simplistic
  • they are prejudgements not based on experiance
  • can be conscious or unconscious
  • they are inflexible or rigid , thus not easily corrected

hegemony in news representations of youth
  • media industeries operate within a structure that produces and reinforces  the dominant ideology via a consensual world view
  • this world view is produced predominantly by white middle class, middle aged hetrosexual men
  • it is thier ideas and values that infiltrate media texts  and ensure that other voices do not get heard.

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